Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer

Summary: After decades of hiding, the evil Enchantress who cursed Sleeping Beauty is back with a vengeance.

Alex and Conner Bailey have not been back to the magical Land of Stories since their adventures in The Wishing Spell ended. But one night, they learn the famed Enchantress has kidnapped their mother! Against the will of their grandmother, the twins must find their own way into the Land of Stories to rescue their mother and save the fairy tale world from the greatest threat it's ever faced.

Kim's Review: When I read the first Land of Stories book, I was completely obsessed with Chris Colfer. Not so much a year later though, and so I was looking forward to reading one of his novels without bias.

I thought this book was good. The story was pretty interesting even though it's a children's novel, and I did care about the characters. However, the writing could've been better. There were a few things that annoyed me, like how he almost always describes Alex and Connor as the same person: "The twins felt sad/The twins woke up before sunrise/etc." Colfer hardly, if ever, tells you how one of the twins is specifically feeling. I suppose they say some twins are ~connected~ and what not, but it's like these two never had their own feelings or opinions.

This book takes place in a fairy-tale world, which I've sort of grown out of over the years. For a children's book, though, I thought the plot was intriguing (even if I skimmed over a few pages). I probably would have given it five stars if I were in the target demographic and not as critical to the actual writing. :)

3.5/5 stars!

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