Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate -- Book Review

Charlotte here with another review!

This was a complete guilty-pleasure book. I have to admit that in the past fallen angels haven't really entertained me, but this book changed that. The imagery was so great at some points, I reread the pages over and over.

I only have 2 main concerns that I didn't like. But since in all they only knocked off one star; they're not terrible. 1=It got pretty sappy near the end. I feel like there should have been a better segway between Daniel trying to make her not like him, then Daniel trying to kiss her. Rofl. 2=The chapters! I don't know about you, but I HATE it when a chapter ends, and then the next chapter is a few days later. That annoyed me a whole lot. I really like to know what is going on at all times in a book, but oh well.

I liked all of the characters. I was glad that they were all different too. Luce was the only one I have a tingle of a issue with. She just kept going back to Cam! Plus giving into everything. *sigh* I forgave her though, because there was a particular line in the book that said she was 'incapable of brutal honesty.' I did like her at all other times, her view of the world was entertaining.

The whole plot did end up being about Luce and Daniel. It's always like that with paranormal romances, but it could have used a bit more substance. The fight scene at the end wasn't much! But it WAS something. The end of the book wrapped things up nicely, and the epilogue made me want moremoremore.

This isn't totally relevant, but did anyone else thing that the font in this book was BIG? That puzzled me a bit.
Anyway, this got a 4/5 star rating. I will be reading the next books!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucky by Rachel Vail --Book Review

This book is the first in the Trilogy about the Avery sisters. I originally read Gorgeous first, which I loved. So anyway this focuses on the youngest sister; Phoebe. The whole plot is that Phoebe and her friends are planning a Graduation Party for middle school graduation. But Phoebe's mother loses her job and they're not able to pay for it. It's about the affect this has on Phoebe and her social life.

This book was slow moving. That was my biggest concern. There were times I got fed up with it and would rather be doing something else than reading. (Which doesn't happen often.) And considering the LENGTH of this book, and that it took me more than usual to read! *Sigh* There was some repetition with the plot line, among other things. It left a bunch of stuff unexplained such as Kyrstin's hatred for Ann, was Kyrstin actually jealous of Phoebe, and the real reason why Phoebe wasn't invited to the Hamptons. Those are just a few. There were a LOT of little fiddly things that never got explained.

This book I'd recommend as a beach read for it's light and fluffiness. The only reason that this got 3 stars instead of 2 is that I loved Gorgeous, which is the sequel.

Charlotte's rating = 2.5/5 stars

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Goddess Test -- Book Review

So this book is about Kate. Her mother is slowly dying; and her last wish is to return to the town of her birth. (The mother, not Kate.) So they wind up in a small town called Eden. Immediately in the first few chapters Kate is pranked by the queen bee named Ava. But instead of a clean get away, Ava cracks her head open in the woods and is knocked out. Kate is freaking out all alone when a mysterious man shows up named Henry. He fixes Ava with one negotiation, that Kate reads the story of Persephone and then she will know what he needs her to do. Skipping over a bit, Kate is now in the Eden Manor to pass 7 tests in 6 months. If she passes she will become a goddess and marry Henry. If she doesn't her mother will die and she won't remember anything in the manor, including Henry whom she is falling in love with. Not to mention someone is trying to kill her from within the walls.
Wow. I had pretty good expectations for this book, and they were by far exceeded. This book was a masterpiece and I have close to nothing bad to say about it. This book surprised me and outsmarted me a lot; and I LOVE that. There was nothing predictable and no cliches either. Plus, if there WERE cliches I would be the one to call them out!

When I first picked up my paperback copy I thought it would be a quick read. It was pretty flimsy and just gave off that shortness look. But it wasn't, and I know this may not be totally relevant but the words in it made you take a moment for them to sink in! If you read this book in one day, you probably haven't had it sink in well enough to truly appreciate the whole thing. Also, the cover is pretty awesome. :)

Kate was so relatable with I KNEW that I'd be friends with her if she was real. Ava was a bit annoying but seemed so loyal that it was fine with me. Henry, just dreamy. I loved him. Ella was just as I expected [her goddess] to act like. All the characters were amazing, but I would have liked them to go more in depth with the Theo and Xander thing especially.

The plot moved smoothly and so delicately that it surprised you when something dramatic happened. The story and danger grew over the course of the book. I liked how at the end you were still a bit skeptical, but not fuming with questions of what was going on. OF COURSE I'm gonna read the next one! :D And the one after that, and after that, and after that. etc.

Ending=9/10 (Left me with questions about James!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uncommon Criminals ---- Book Review

This is the sequel to Heist Society. It's a few months after the first book ends, and Kat has been traveling around alone doing pro-bono heists. She comes home, and sort of gets herself into the biggest theft of her life. If you thought the Henley was something, this is 10 times more tricky!

I adored Heist Society. And this book was no different. There were a few things lacking in this book, but I'd like to take a moment and appreciate what was there!

-Amazing writing style. I don't know how Ally Carter keeps all the details in HER head, let alone write about them? I loved the mysterious little parts that were used 'the man' and were just vague. It wasn't too repetitive or annoying, it added to the theme.

-Kat is one of my favorite characters. Even if she did repeat herself several times in this book, I still love her! Hale too.

The ending was satisfying. Not completely satisfying, but that's expected. IS there another book to it? That's my question. I didn't see one on Goodreads confirmed, but I might be looking in the wrong place. IF there is another book then the ending will be fine. But if this is the last one, then umm that's not okay with me. From Ally Carter's blog:

So I'm holding up some hope! :)

Now I must get onto the not-so-fun stuff. I didn't like how there was barely any character development in this book. I felt like Kat changed through the course of the book, but not very much. Hale on the other hand pleased me, they all did. The big thing was just Kat. Still love her though!


~~ Charlotte

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sucks to Be Me: The All-True Confessions of Mina Hamilton, Teen Vampire (maybe) -------- Book Review!

This book was about Mina Hamilton. Her parents are vampires, and the time has come for her to decide if she wants to be a vampire as well. She is thrown into vampire courses for the to-be vampire where she meets a bunch of people. And that's the most basic way to put it!

The plot line in this book was creative enough, but it was lacking fine points. Reactions to BIG things were minimal. Actually, fairly non-existent. And especially, there were a few phrases that were repeated OVER and OVER. That's one of my pet peeves! -.-

As for the characters, they were brilliant in my opinion. I loved Mina, George, and Uncle Mortie especially. There were all different (which is hard to do sometimes) and were all fun in their own ways. And annoying, in their own ways with the other characters. (Aubrey, Raven) I could really relate to Mina most of all. Which is funny, because some fancy-schmany young adult books have awesome plots--but cruddy characters! You never know.

The biggest thing of all was that the story was wrapped up jagged. The ending came at a bit of a random time. And a random place! [not a spoiler] Mina invites her parents to the beach at the end while she's with George. (George is from the vampire to-be course.) Ummmmmmm. . . .what REAL teen would do that? You can definitely tell with that fact and along with others that the author was trying to wrap up asap.


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