Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lipstick Apology Book Review

Lipstick ApologyI really liked this book, since the plot like was creative and was a overall plot I'd seen a lot before; but still managed to be very different and unique. It was about Emily. Her parents both died in a plane crash. Of course that's distressing, but her mother also left her a sprawled apology in red lipstick. "EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME"

So that all goes down in the prologue, and then when you get to chapter 1 it's fall in NYC. Emily is living with her aunt, Jolie. She meets two great guys, the popular and handsome Owen [who helps her forget]; and Anthony [who helps her remember and heal]. The book is about her discovering what she didn't know about people, her mom in particular.

My issues with this book were small, but repetitive. One-her mood swings were TOTALLY unrealistic. Sure, everyone has mood-swings. But every-time Emily started screaming and spazzing out in general, I cringed. Not from a omg-what-are-you-doing standpoint, but just because no one does that in real life.
And then her meeting with her 'father'. Umm, wut now? Just leaving it there. It seemed rather unrealistic too.
My biggest issue with this book is quite obvious, is it not? A realistic fiction book NEEDS to be realistic.

4/5 stars because I enjoyed reading it. Recommended for anyone who likes; realistic fiction, romance, New York, high-school or friendship.

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