Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Dead Time by Anne Cassidy

Dead TimePages: 256
Published: May 22nd, 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
My Source: ARC

My Review:

This book followed Rose, a lonely and quiet girl, who experienced a great tragedy when her mother and (kinda) stepfather disappeared five years ago. This takes place in the present time. Rose has just started communicating with her estranged-stepbrother, Joshua. He is desperate to know what happened to their parents. But Rose is hesitant, especially after seeing two of her classmates get murdered.

So my feelings toward this book are mixed. There were parts that I really liked, but moments when I was (mentally)screaming at Rose. Seriously though, trust the police Rose! The police protect us! *sigh* Basically, Rose wasn't the best protagonist. She wasn't easy to like. My favorite character is Skeggsie. I honestly don't know why he's my favorite, but I guess it was because of how he clashed with Rose. All of the characters had hidden depths, and that was very interesting to learn about their pasts.

Considering there are three plots going on at once, the author did well juggling them. I'm not a fan of how two of them were wrapped up (Ricky & their parents' plotlines.) Since this is a series, there is room for improvement. I'm positive the next book will have more of the parent's plotline, so I look forward to it. The sleuthing aspect of this book was written very well.

My main issue was Rose. She was just not likeable, and a protagonist needs to be. Maybe the next book will be in Joshua's POV (cross your fingers.) I did like how the book was written, in 3rd person limited. I haven't read that many books in that POV. I also never expected any of the plot twists!

I do recommend this to any fan of a YA mystery novel. And British novels too, this book had many terms that confused me at first. Thankfully, I have a brother who lived in England who can decode some of the words for me! Give the book a try, I'm sure it will be worth it.
3/5 lightbulbs

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