Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meeting Cassandra Clare

On May 27th, I attended Cassandra Clare's launch event for City of Heavenly Fire. My friend and I made the trek to Wellesley, MA to meet Clare and Jodi Picoult (who emceed the event.) What better way was there to celebrate the last book in a beloved series than with an auditorium of fellow readers? 

It's always a little weird when you see your favorite characters come to life in movie adaptations, tv shows, etc. It's just the same way with authors. Seeing Clare was sort of like seeing a fictional character, in a way that's totally un-explainable. The Q&A was way too short, but I soaked up every second of it. 

As my friend and I attempted to start the book in the noisiness of the room, (we had to wait to get the signatures) I noticed just how friendly everyone was. That's the thing that strikes me most about book events, concerts, and midnight premieres: everybody is incredibly lovely. Being around people that share your passion can bring that out. Just the other day when I was in the theatre for The Fault in Our Stars, the same friend and I must have talked to everyone in the room. Wearing matching TFiOS shirts makes you really popular.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the Cassandra Clare event. (I also got Jodi Picoult's signature on several books, some of which we gave to our school library.)

Now I have Aidan Turner's and Cassandra Clare's signatures!

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