Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uncommon Criminals ---- Book Review

This is the sequel to Heist Society. It's a few months after the first book ends, and Kat has been traveling around alone doing pro-bono heists. She comes home, and sort of gets herself into the biggest theft of her life. If you thought the Henley was something, this is 10 times more tricky!

I adored Heist Society. And this book was no different. There were a few things lacking in this book, but I'd like to take a moment and appreciate what was there!

-Amazing writing style. I don't know how Ally Carter keeps all the details in HER head, let alone write about them? I loved the mysterious little parts that were used 'the man' and were just vague. It wasn't too repetitive or annoying, it added to the theme.

-Kat is one of my favorite characters. Even if she did repeat herself several times in this book, I still love her! Hale too.

The ending was satisfying. Not completely satisfying, but that's expected. IS there another book to it? That's my question. I didn't see one on Goodreads confirmed, but I might be looking in the wrong place. IF there is another book then the ending will be fine. But if this is the last one, then umm that's not okay with me. From Ally Carter's blog:

So I'm holding up some hope! :)

Now I must get onto the not-so-fun stuff. I didn't like how there was barely any character development in this book. I felt like Kat changed through the course of the book, but not very much. Hale on the other hand pleased me, they all did. The big thing was just Kat. Still love her though!


~~ Charlotte

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