Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucky by Rachel Vail --Book Review

This book is the first in the Trilogy about the Avery sisters. I originally read Gorgeous first, which I loved. So anyway this focuses on the youngest sister; Phoebe. The whole plot is that Phoebe and her friends are planning a Graduation Party for middle school graduation. But Phoebe's mother loses her job and they're not able to pay for it. It's about the affect this has on Phoebe and her social life.

This book was slow moving. That was my biggest concern. There were times I got fed up with it and would rather be doing something else than reading. (Which doesn't happen often.) And considering the LENGTH of this book, and that it took me more than usual to read! *Sigh* There was some repetition with the plot line, among other things. It left a bunch of stuff unexplained such as Kyrstin's hatred for Ann, was Kyrstin actually jealous of Phoebe, and the real reason why Phoebe wasn't invited to the Hamptons. Those are just a few. There were a LOT of little fiddly things that never got explained.

This book I'd recommend as a beach read for it's light and fluffiness. The only reason that this got 3 stars instead of 2 is that I loved Gorgeous, which is the sequel.

Charlotte's rating = 2.5/5 stars

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